Ford Endeavour is not a new name in India. It is perhaps the most popular SUV in India. The Ford Endeavour was introduced in India in 2003. It is sold as the Ford Everest (a midsize SUV) in Asia and was built on the lines of the local Mazda-based Ford Ranger pickup truck platform. With this offering, Ford brought to the Indian consumer a premium, world class and versatile 7-seater. The new Ford Endeavour is available in two versions: the 2.5L XLT 4×2 and the 3.0L Thunder+ 4×4.

Besides its commanding road presence and imposing built, the Endeavour offers a genuine SUV experience and proclaims its SUV-truck roots with pride. It is a hugely functional SUV with serious off-road capability, especially in the all-wheel drive (AWD) version. For city driving, however, the 2-wheel drive variant would be a better choice.

Endeavour comes in two variants – 4×2 XLT and the 4×4 Thunder+. The base is equipped with a 2.5L In-line 4 turbocharged diesel engine that generates a power of 141 bhp and renders 330 Nm worth of torque, whereas the Thunder+ is powered by a 3.5L TDCi In-line 4 diesel engine that churns out 154 bhp.

This new Ford is equipped with a comprehensive list of safety features that meet the highest standards of excellence and are in keeping with the Indian regulations. It has been designed to withstand the impact of an accident with a rigid body shell, reinforced cabin and crumple zones in the front and rear. With these features and a potent engine, it competes with Hyundai Tucson and Honda CRV.

Despite its imposing size, the engine serves up power efficiently. It handles reasonably well, takes a corner like a veteran and delivers a satisfactory ride in the city. Transmission is smooth and seamless, with smooth upshifts and downshifts.

The XLT is available in a Two-wheel drive configuration (4×2) whereas the Thunder+ comes with All-wheel drive. 4×2 is perfect for city/highway driving, whereas the 4×4 is geared up for rugged and all-terrain driving. A 5-speed manual transmission comes standard on the model.

The Endeavour’s humungous tyres and rigid chassis soak up bumps. Handling is superb, while steering is precise and responsive.

There is no denying the Ford legacy in the Endeavour’s overall architecture. The front end is distinctive with its high bonnet and behemoth size. The rather aggressive fascia out-front is decked up with a large, bold and sporty looking grille as well as multi-reflector headlamps. Aiding and abetting the new Endeavour, in its hardy off-road worthiness, are the mud flaps and wheel moldings along with fashionable roof rails. Silver side-steps run along the length of the vehicle and accentuate its brute quality.


Car Name    Ford Endeavour

Company     Ford

Horse Power    262 bhp

Seating Capacity    6 passengers + 1 Driver

Feature    Attractive interior.

Well trained and experienced staff.

Vehicle will be neat, clean & well maintained

The all new Ford Endeavour owes its power to the best-in-class 3-litre Duratorq TDCi engine, delivering 380 Nm of earth

biting torque and 156 PS of raw power to give you the true 4×4 experience. You also have the option of a 2.5 litre

Duratorq TDCi engine that delivers 143 PS of power and 330 Nm torque, adding quickness and agility to ultimate driving


4 wheel drive on-the-fly- 4×4 automatic transmission models feature an electric shift-on-the-fly system for the

convenient selection of 2WD or 4WD mode. A proven-tough Borg-Warner transfer case ensures traction is evenly supplied

to all 4 wheels.

Automatic control – The all-new automatic transmission transfers all the whopping power from the 3.0 L engine to the

wheels effortlessly.

Reverse parking camera- Simply shift to reverse gear and the SATNAV display automatically shifts into the reverse parking camera mode..

All-round safety- With a segment first side-airbags and a whole host of other safety features, you can be assured that in

the new Ford Endeavour, safety never takes a backseat. Sitting in the Ford Endeavour you are cocooned in a shell with

front driver and passenger airbags,

New satnav system with in-car dvd player- The touch activated GPS-enabed SATNAV system in the new Ford Endeavour

lets you discover different destinations every time. Bluetooth enabled, so you can take calls with a touch, the easy-to-use

touch screen also doubles up as an audio menu to access all your favourite music on the go.